“Everybody has a plan til they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

What about below the belt?  What’s your secret of getting back on the horse when you fall off and get kicked in the face? I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ parables that took their form to sink in only with those who had “ears to hear”, namely his disciples, although even they didn’t get it muchContinue reading ““Everybody has a plan til they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson”

The Business of Ministry & the ministry of business

Where do we start?  Why are we trying to remake ourselves, get to the other side? If we’re in ministry, we tell our financial supporters what business (aka busyness) our work is about.  “Well we offer after school tutoring, relationships, and Bible studies!”  But not all necessarily in that order, lest we return to theContinue reading “The Business of Ministry & the ministry of business”

Pharmakeia?..or just Pharmaceuticals?

I was introduced to the concept of Pharmakeia by a friend who reiterates the directive given to him by his acting psychiatrist at the time.  My friend asked why was he being prescribed medication for what was called a psychosis.  The doctor replied, “For people like you”. Sounds scary but is this attitude indicative ofContinue reading “Pharmakeia?..or just Pharmaceuticals?”

The Mandalaurian – A review

So I’ve jokingly decided that the Mandalurian must be a Christian bounty hunter, fitting into the Presby-costal denomination… He sure has a knack for justice, and a bit of compassion, along with killings to add.  But he has a good work ethic, something staying alive and keeping his ship in the air will do forContinue reading “The Mandalaurian – A review”

Reconciling seeming contradictions in the Bible

“Blessed assurance”, that old hymn that speaks as thought the author had arrived.  Well this is where I falter.  Romans talks about the elect and predestination while Revelation and James speak about your works that will get you into the Lord’s kingdom.   I totally get that you gotta do what you believe, not justContinue reading “Reconciling seeming contradictions in the Bible”