The Mandalaurian – A review

So I’ve jokingly decided that the Mandalurian must be a Christian bounty hunter, fitting into the Presby-costal denomination… He sure has a knack for justice, and a bit of compassion, along with killings to add.  But he has a good work ethic, something staying alive and keeping his ship in the air will do forContinue reading “The Mandalaurian – A review”

Reconciling seeming contradictions in the Bible

“Blessed assurance”, that old hymn that speaks as thought the author had arrived.  Well this is where I falter.  Romans talks about the elect and predestination while Revelation and James speak about your works that will get you into the Lord’s kingdom.   I totally get that you gotta do what you believe, not justContinue reading “Reconciling seeming contradictions in the Bible”