Spiritual Discernment – like riding a bike

So once there was a boy…that liked a certain girl.  But then later he didn’t like her, but she then liked him, so he wondered what happened to him liking her. So he thought to himself, she likes me and I have liked her, so maybe I should put myself into this and then itContinue reading “Spiritual Discernment – like riding a bike”

SO I talked to my shrink…

…and he cured my Corona virus! At least the fear of it…or at least my awareness of it…for 20 minutes. So I’ve dabbled in the magic arts, ergo online counseling. Started well enough. Just like the shrink at home…pointed questions dwelt on, unnecessary reminders of stuff we talked about last week, jostling office items aroundContinue reading “SO I talked to my shrink…”