Tapping the Divine – Better or Worse?

Would Moses have gone to Egypt more willingly had he had a smaller sea to practice on parting?Would Noah have built the amazing boat had he known for sure somehow he was gonna be justified for his actions? Do you ever think life would be better if we could get an idea, just a glimpseContinue reading “Tapping the Divine – Better or Worse?”

More than feelings..(take your meds!?)

Maybe a good teaser for a monologue about how as John Locke put it, “Love is the act of making the other better”. Don’t get me wrong. I love that quote. But I digress. The angle I wanted to steer toward has to do with moderate to severe mind altering (LEGAL!) medications. Now I haveContinue reading “More than feelings..(take your meds!?)”

Consequences or Entrapment

Suffering: for good or bad..Which is worse? (Not referring to which is better, but to which is for lack of a better word, more challenging.) Suffering consequences from wrong actions… Or suffering the torture and entrapment of doing right? Better to suffer for good than bad I know, but there is a certain sense, thisContinue reading “Consequences or Entrapment”